ccis-aius smart video unification platform

datatool aius smart video unification platform is an intermediary platform that connects phone calls, apps and wechat mini programs all to one ai platform for real-time automatic interaction with customers it uses asr, tts, nlp and other smart service modules to improve interaction experience, increase user satisfaction and reduce labor cost

what we do
  • online loan application review and id verification

  • online vehicle insurance claim handling

  • remote insurance contract signing

  • application review for consumer loans

  • smart dual recording

  • remote video banking services

our strengths

● unified api interface
● fast integration of business components

conference model

● multi-room model
● ai room, person-to-person room
● high concurrency, high reliability

high recognition rate

● video and voice pre-processing
● higher ai recognition rate

real time

● communication protocol, audio and video formats
● real-time conversion (sip)


● compatible with third-party audios and videos

cost reduction

● higher customer perception
● effective reduction of labor cost

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