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banking industry solutions

the banking industry is one of the first to use call centers for large-scale marketing as the banking industry on the whole experience rapid growth, banking business lines have developed fast and banks are under increasing pressure from competition in view of a wide variety of tasks to be processed every day and constant increase of consulting channels, bank call centers have to face various challenges and opportunities, such as how to reduce the cost while increasing customer satisfaction, how to provide personalized financial services for customers, how to unleash the potential value of customers, and how to ensure transaction security for this, datatool provides a professional all-media call center solution, which encompasses remote id verification, card activation, multi-channel integration and unified management, smart voice navigation, smart outbound call, big data collection, potential customer value exploration and other functions

  • as traditional customer services can no longer meet the growing demands today, smart financial services are in great demand.

  • with the development of new technologies various banking business lines can be accessed through various channels and unified management thus has become a major problem.

  • professional knowledge is more and more difficult to grasp and customer service personnel now needs more and more training before they start working. therefore, the operation cost of customer centers has been on the rise.

  • a large amount of valuable data is generated from interaction with users but it is hard to process the data in time and get commercial value from them.

our strengths
easy connection and integration

our customized solutions cater to the needs of customers

ai powers business development

customer requests can be handled anytime anywhere with reduced labor cost and increased work efficiency
data analysis for faqs and access tracking helps explore the potential commercial value of customers and carry out precision marketing

streamlined communication processes, lower communication cost, higher customer satisfaction

unified management for all channels with seamless connection and clear communication between customer service staff and users, with no need of speculation or repeated description

smart applications

rounds of smart interactions offer good user experience and meet their demands, without unnecessary consulting and demonstration, making communication simple, efficient and smooth.

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