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smart customer service solution

information services at contact centers is smart multimedia and all-channel complete smart customer service solutions can reduce operation cost, improve service quality and increase user satisfaction based on in-depth cooperation with iflytek for smart technologies datatool provides a variety of smart customer service solutions with world-leading smart speech and semantic parsing technology from iflytek

what we do
  • smart ivr navigation

  • all-media online robot

  • speech analysis

  • smart outbound call robot

our strengths
smart ivr navigation

● identification of customer calls and smart detection of customer needs through semantic parsing to deliver services fast and precisely
● brand new interactive self-service experience
● pure oral communication for better customer experience

all-media online robot

● smart question answering for multiple conversation sessions
● correct understanding of customer questions by online robot powered by semantic analysis, context association and other technologies for precise service delivery
● support for multiple channels (wechat, app, and web)

speech analysis

● model analysis, text mining, hot scene analysis, multidimensional statistical analysis and more through massive speech processing
● voice search, audio-video synchronization, speech-based positioning, click to listen at anytime
● exploration and analysis of key businesses for fast and effective response that provides strong support for service and marketing improvement

smart outbound call robot

● scenario-based outbound call robot, customized outbound call process and scripts for specific industries
● multiple speech choices for debt collection, telesales, marketing, return visits, etc.
● lower labor cost

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