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internet industry solutions

the internet industry, especially e-commerce, features rapid business change, large consulting traffic, and frequent occurrence of various problems that require fast response datatool provides customers in this industry with professional solutions targeted at such features our solutions boasts multi-channel integration and unified management, smart voice navigation, smart outbound call making, perfect user portraits powered by big data, exploration of potential customer value, overall analysis with complete detailed data, etc

  • rapid business change and product iteration pose high training demand

  • data difficult to consolidate due to the presence of different consulting channels

  • huge amounts of user consulting requests generate high labor cost is services are provided by people

  • massive interaction data hard to processing, lack of commercial value

our strengths
easy customization

our customized solutions cater to customer needs

data power growth and data analysis support development

data analysis for faqs and access tracking offers accurate response and fast settlement, improving user experience and conversion efficiency

streamlined communication process, lower communication cost, higher customer satisfaction

unified management for all channels with seamless connection, clear communication between customer service staff and users, with no need of speculation or repeated description

smart applications

in-depth knowledge of user needs, less pressure for customer service, less response time and better user experience

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