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solution for optimized labor resource management

manpower is undoubtedly where contact centers spend the largest part of their costs in their daily operations it is also one of the most important engines driving profit growth in the context of next-generation internet communication based on in-depth cooperation with verint, a global leader in the industry, datatool has created solutions for optimized labor resource management to meet the actual needs of chinese customers, and help its customers build efficient and controllable new contact centers that drive their business revenues up

what we do
  • schedule management

  • performance management

  • voice and screen recording

  • real-time speech analysis

  • smart quality inspection

  • smart text and speech analysis

  • desktop process analysis

  • process robot

our strengths
smart system

● we use the latest ai technologies in a way that suits the actual needs of contact centers to present a smart system that completes what must be done manually before or what man can never do.
● smart analysis helps operation management personnel find weaknesses in the call process, business logic and operation process and advice ways to improve contact center performance.

all media

● support traditional voice call and soft switch platforms, as well as video calls
● recognize and translate more than 40 languages, highly experienced in optimization and improvement for dialects
● support all internet-based interaction channels such as wechat, app and sns applications
● build consistent operation management models for all-media seats

whole process

● cover the whole life cycle of interactions with customers by integrating front-end and back-end service processes, so as to improve user satisfaction and loyalty with higher overall efficiency
● keep track of the performance at every seat with modules for schedule management, quality inspection management, performance management, desktop process analysis and more
● provide assistance along the whole service process to reduce training time and build service capacity


● an easily scalable pure software architecture
● the most widely compatible platform in the industry allowing for seamless connections with different brands of devices, with development interface available
● allow for cloud deployment to reduce the cost of platform construction

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