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smart solution for operation and maintenance

call centers use operation management plans for all-channel visualized data analysis, visualized monitoring and flexible allocation and recovery of service resources in a unified manner, so as to make smart adjustments to service resource allocation according to changes of demands

what we do
  • operation maintenance and monitoring platform

    ivr incoming process monitoring, multi-media channel monitoring, server and circuit gateway monitoring, call center monitoring, seat performance monitoring, warning and automatic operation maintenance through a variety of channels like wechat at work, dingtalk, email and sms

  • operation management platform

    ivr-oriented business logic adjustment, visualized ivr design, outbound call design, call center monitoring and seat map, visualized seat performance data analysis and business data analysis

  • number pool management platform

    dynamic management of the phone number resources of call centers according to demand, integration of voip softphone sdk and business apps to achieve voip voice call for mobile agents, phone number blocking on both sides, and centralized recording quality inspection

our strengths
ccis-mc operation maintenance and monitoring platform

● multi-dimensional, comprehensive and multi-channel resource monitoring
● multi-channel early warning to reduce operation maintenance risks
● less input in operation maintenance and more convenience across the whole system

ccis-oc operation management platform

● more graphs and operation options for better understanding of current business conditions and fast and convenient management and adjustment of service capacity and performance

number pool management

● dynamic allocation and recovery of call center resources according to traffic to reduce service and marketing cost
● privacy protection for customers and staff members by preventing information leak
● lower risks and increased call script compliance

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